Antony Varghese, out of his love and affection to the poor, the ailing and the needy children, people in the community and public religious and charitable trust has found it necessary and proper to register a Public Charitable Trust for the purpose of rendering medical, education and charitable assistance to the poor and needy people especially the children and the aged belonging to the weaker section of the society and to engage in various educational and charitable activities.

Antony and Vigi Varghese were both born and brought up within Catholic families, but by God’s grace they heard the Good News in 2007 and came to faith and were baptised by water and the Holy Spirit in the same year. A few years into their marriage they had not had any children and attended several hospitals for treatment. After all the tests, the hospitals broke the news that they would never have their own children due to Vigi having had no uterus since her birth. They came back home completely broken and could not sleep at night, having no peace and going through so much pain. The same night, Vigi heard the Lord’s voice clearly saying that He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Then she read this powerful verse, in the exact form as she heard it, in the Word of God for the first time in her life, written so many years before she was even born:

"He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD."

Since then Jesus has taken the pain away completely from their heart.

Prior to the establishment of Rehoboth Charitable Trust, they were able to reach out to the needy numerous times, out of which, a few are worthful mentioning:

In 2009, Antony and Vigi took a leap of faith and wrote down the vision God had been stirring in their hearts, which is to help, support and walk alongside wounded people. (Isaiah 61:1-11). This vision has been confirmed by prophecies from several prophets from different nations. After many years of prayer, they accepted their call to the ministry and Antony founded Rehoboth Charitable Trust in 2017 (awaiting registration) to provide a legal framework to accomplish the vision God had deposited into their hearts.